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Ding's Kitchen in Sunnyvale provides quality Chinese food, typically in northern home-style, but also provides a wide selection from Szechuan to Taiwan style. Authentic taste and reasonable price in Sunnyvale.

Ding’s Kitchen’s Chef's special: · 东北酸菜白菜锅(Pickled Cabbage, Pork and Rice Noodle) · 锅包肉(Double Cook Pork Slices) · 招牌馅饼 (House Special Pies) · 辣子鱼片 (Spicy Fish Fillet) · 香辣烤鱼 (Spicy Grilled Fish) · 干锅肥肠(Sautéed Fresh Chill W/ Intestine in Hot Spicy Sauce) · 蒜苗腊肉 (Smoked Pork W/Garlic Spouts) · 东北一锅出(One Pot Dish)

Ding's Kitchen-丁姐厨房-梅菜扣肉
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Ding's Kitchen-丁姐厨房-葱爆大虾

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Ding's Kitchen-丁姐厨房-水煮牛
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Ding's Kitchen-丁姐厨房-香辣烤鱼

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11:00AM – 1:30PM ; 5:00PM – 8:30PM

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